Fågelvantar I

Det blir nog en följetong i bilder av det här 🙂




3 kommentarer

  1. Silvia Moyano Casanovas said,

    september 22, 2013 den 9:45 f m

    Hello, This is a marvelous work. Could you make me a pair of this gloves. Which should be the price for them?.
    Thank you for your answer,


    • Elin said,

      september 30, 2013 den 7:27 e m

      Hello and thank you for your kind words!
      I will send you an email.

    • Elin said,

      oktober 6, 2013 den 9:15 e m

      Hello again Silvia!

      I have tried to mail you on that e-mail adress you wrote in your message, but I only get an automatic failure answer back.
      Please contact me again!



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